Dance Tips to Learn From a Choreographer and Movement Director


Dancing in the 21st century has embraced a wide number of people including teenagers and their parents. Some people will use their dancing skills as a means of putting bread on their table. Others will dance as a way of leisure or even as a co-curricular activity in schools. However, as a dancer or trainer, it is important that your dance moves are well choreographed to ensure that you entertain or meet the judge’s expectations if you are in a competition. It is also important if you are in a group seeking a mentor, that you pick the right choreographer who will enable you to get to your goals. One of the most diverse creative directors, as well as performance mentor and choreographer, is Natricia Bernard. Some of the Natricia Bernard’s skills include her clear directions with the mass movement as a movement director. She has also been involved in various showreel commercial shows due to her incredible skills. As a dancer, there are several dance tips that you can get from your choreographer.

Do not watch the choreographer every time you practice

You should not always keep your eyes on the choreographer every time they are training a dance because at the very instance you are left alone, you will always feel lost. You should, therefore, let your body get used to the movement as you learn with your eyes and practice with your body. Also, you should first try and properly study the choreographer in order to learn their skills as well as mastering their movement, execution, and timing.

You should move on when you mess up

Choreographers can control and also set the pace of the things to be done in class and you might not be able to keep up with all. Whenever you mess up on a move, it is important that you do not keep fixated on that but you should move on and learn the other moves then try again later on.

Occasionally stop dancing and observe

This could be contradicting since you will be in a dance class trying to learn how to dance. However, there will be various things that you will see from your choreographer that you can learn by just watching them.

Take multiple classes in a day since which will enable you to pick choreography fast.


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